Attention Merrill Residents... 


The 2019 MERRILL RECALL of Aldermen from districts 1, 5, 6, 7, & 8 Needs To Happen Now Before It’s Too Late!

Merrill Recall FACTS: 

9 Common Sense Solutions To Bring Accountability

  • Responsible, Accountable Elected Officials ~ Return the Voice of the Tax Payers to City Hall  
  • Fewer Closed Session Meetings ~ Increase Public Awareness, Input & Transparency  
  • Financial Audit of all City Funds including TID and TIF Finances ~ Determine City’s true Financial Status, Address any Findings, Reduce Wasteful Spending  
  • Implement Administrative Structure with Checks and Balances ~ Ensure Fair, Equitable Treatment & Accountability at All Levels  
  • Professionals on the Payroll OR Paid Consultants, not both ~ Reduce Spending for duplicated services provided by personnel and consultants.  
  • Get City Hall out of the Speculative Real Estate Business ~ Let Investors, Developers, Businesses & Entrepreneurs buy, sell & grow Merrill  
  • Sell off Idle City Properties ~ Get them back on the Tax Rolls and Cut our Losses  
  • Eliminate the Title of “4th Highest City Tax Rate in the State” ~ Stop the Population Migration Out of Merrill, Make Merrill a City where Families can and want to Live  
  • Maintain and Support Current Levels of Fire, Police and Street Department Services ~ Another Reason for Businesses & Families to want to Live and Invest in Merrill his area

Take Action & Join The Recall Team

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Why We Need to Do This:  

  • To hold elected officials accountable for their actions or inactions.  
  • To stop the expansion of future TIF districts until we know and understand what is happening with them and how it impacts all Merrill finances in the long run.  
  • To prevent current city council and administration from implementing the next city budget.  
  • To reevaluate the need of current proposed projects; Industrial Park on G, sidewalks to the VA building on 6th Street, Water & Sewer to the proposed Industrial Park on Highway G.  
  • To halt the planned borrowing of an additional $3 million for further speculative development by the City Finance Director and City Administrator in 2019 and 2020.  
  • To restore fiscal responsibility and accountability to the tax payers of Merrill.  
  • To make Merrill a place where people want to live and work, businesses want to invest and grow and visitorswant to return again and again!

Watch This Eyeopening Video on TIF and The Problems Associated With TIF